Tandem Cultural Capitals


Match with the Cultural Organisation of your choice among the family of the European Capitals of Culture: Leeuwarden-Fryslan 2018, Galway 2020, Rijeka 2020, Novi Sad 2021, Kaunas 2022, Veszprem 2023. Team up with the organisation in the first Tandem Cultural Capitals. Seize the opportunity provided by Eleusis 2021, to expand your business horizon and explore new ideas and practices through a new cooperation programme of European Cultural Foundation and MitOst organisations.

Apply (here) by April 28th 2019.

The popular European Tandem programme, an initiative developed by the above organisations has created a tradition of pilot collaboration among citizens and organisations with emphasis on creative solutions that make meaningful social innovation possible throughout Europe. Tandem programme  unites two organisations with common  philosophy, vision and  exchange methods and tools from the diversity representing the environment of each  organisation. Tandem Cultural Capitals is designed for the first time for individuals and cultural organisations from past, present and future ECoCs. Tandem maintains the principle of matching and creative exchanges that draw and enhance Europe’s cultural diversity and offer a new programme of cooperation within an environment rich in stimuli, programmes, actions and synergies, provided by ECoCs family.

1st stop: Rijeka, ECoC 2020, Tandem Partner Forum 10-14 June 2019.

During the first meeting, up to 30 participants gather to meet their peers from corresponding organisations within the proposed ECoCs framework. The goal of the meeting is to choose your “match” for a pilot project which will improve the professional development of you and your organisation. Next to the matching process there are four-day workshops on international collaboration skills, peer-to-peer discussions on relevant European Capital of Culture questions and study visits to the artistic programme of Rijeka 2020.

2nd stop: Tandem Placements (June-November 2019). 

Within these months you are invited to travel in the city of your “match” and become directly involved with his daily work environment and develop together your pilot innovation idea. Within the same period of time you are called, in return, to host your “match” for an insight into your practical work and a firsthand experience of your organisation.

3rd stop: Leeuwarden-Fryslan, Tandem Meeting (19-22 November 2019). 

The outcomes of your mutual working visits are presented during the last participants meeting. You discuss the future of your pilot collaboration for starting-up (submitting) and bringing your innovation idea into life in the context of your local ECoC or other ECoCs.

Get involved!

Experienced creative professionals and managers of arts and culture organizations. Eligible organizational profile: non-profit organizations, public institutions arts/initiatives/collectives and creative social enterprises that are engaged with cultural activities.

Both the candidate and the organisation represented have to be based in Eleusis  and/or neighbouring Municipalities.

Good command of English, preliminary international (working) experience.

Artists, freelancers, students or individual professionals not associated with an organisational structure (of any kind) are not eligible.

Acceptance can only be given, to three organisations following a call for participation, after an evaluation by the leading organisation of the European Cultural Foundation programme.

Tandem Cultural Capitals is part of Culture 2030 programme. This programme aims to train of cultural professionals on the one hand and the regional networking of cultural organisations and professionals on the other. In this way, the city of Eleusis becomes a point of interconnection and acquisition of know-how in the modern cultural scene.

The participation of the successful candidates is conditional upon the signing of the final agreement between Eleusis 2021 and the central project implementation agency. In case of cancellation, Eleusis 2021 has no obligation towards the selected candidates.