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Mystery 1

“The Mirror -Karoptron- a symbol of sophistication to complete the universe” - Proclus

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The descent is the other side of the Emergence gesture of an Entity, which occurred in February during the Opening Ceremony.
The cycle is being completed, Persephone returns to the Underworld.

A magical object, a mirror,* as it slowly sinks, takes with it the reflection of any image (landscape, people, waves, light, buildings – a fleeting depiction of the Uperworld). A gesture that quietly lasts for three days and nights; 15, 16, 17 December.
On it, a phrase is inscribed, that descending with it below the surface. (A small note is distributed to the audience accordingly, which reads as follows:
“When at home – and only then – alone, search for the translation!”)

There is no need to gather an audience; whenever they pass by, the public will incidentally and cursorily watch
Α. Whatever is depicted at that moment
Β. The submerging Object in a different position each time.
(The Object, because of a single point of suspension, has the possibility of a gentle, free rotation. This is an action that coincidentally reflects the Eleusinian triptych: Things acted, Things said, Things shown.)

katadisi 02

TS, TS!…

(Tsakos – Tsingos)

Two great illustrators of the real:
one capturing and the other exalting
the ever-elusive reality
A text by Yannis Politakis, born in Elefsina, amateur beekeeper, accountant, seal maker, former sailor and employee of the Old Oil Factory of Elefsina
Through the eyes of Thanasis Leventis

An exhibition about the “Educational and Cultural Association of Elefsina”
Tragedy was born because the skies were empty
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