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The Team


Nefeli Maria Mademli

Head of Public Contracts, Tenders & Transparency

Nefeli Maria Mademli grew up in the city of Elefsina, where she also resides. She is currently a second-year postgraduate student, undertaking a Counselling and Psychotherapy MA, while she also actively volunteers as a Mental Health Counsellor with various organizations offering counselling and psychotherapy free of charge. She is certified in Human Relations, Counselling Skills, as well as Emotional Trauma. Her undergraduate studies focused on Political Sciences and History, and included seminars on the Refugee and Migratory Issue, the Electoral Policy of Mass Media, as well as on Leadership. Furthermore, she has received certifications on the Development of Human Resources. She is a writer and journalist for the local online magazine “Elefsinians”, and an administrator of the latter’s social media. Moreover, she has received singing and music theory training, and often sings in various music scenes, while she has also been part of a wide array of music festivals. Nefeli has also worked as an English Language tutor for middle-school students free of charge. She also has experience working in Human Resources, a role which gave rise to the following question within her: “How can businesses become more person-centered?”. It is this question that is currently the focus of her research interests, which overall revolve around the person, and more specifically, one’s psychological and emotional development and evolution, the influence of Art on one’s psyche as well as the way one is influenced intergenerationally.

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