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Ilektra Ellinikioti

Artistic Associate of Performing Arts Department

Born in 1987. She lives and works in Athens. She studied Acting in Athens and Directing in New York. She is a founding member of the Theros Theatre Ensemble and she had been a member of bijoux de kant group. She has worked as a director for National Theater of Greece, the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Thiseion – a Theater for Arts, Bios, Theatre of the New World, Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation, Theater of Cyclades – “Lefteris Vogiatzis”, Karolos Koun Art Theater, etc. In 2016 she directed her first short film “The Most Beautiful Story Of the World ”and since then she has co-written the scripts for two other short films. In 2019 the short film “The distance between the sky and us” (directed By Vassilis Kekatos), in which she worked as a screenwriter, won the Palm d’ Or and the Queer Palm d’ Or at Cannes Film Festival. Shee has also worked as a dramaturg and actor. She teaches acting and directing. She has been the Managing Director of SeaNema Open Air Film Festival. In 2020, Theros created a theatrical venue in Kypseli, called “Kamiros” (


“Crave”, Sarah Kane / Theater of the New World, 2013
“Fugitive: We and the Greeks” / Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation, 2014
“The Dog of Orion”, Tilemachos Tsardakas / Theater of the New World, 2015
“On Nature”, Michalis Virvidakis / Bios (co-directed with Yiannis Skourletis), 2016
“Do you want us to dance ,Maria?”, Melpo Axioti / Cyclades Theatre – Lefteris Vogiatzis, 2016-17
“Daughters”, Glykeria Basdeki / Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Small Stock Exchange (co-directed with Yiannis Skourletis), 2017
“Towards Eleusis”, Pavlos Matesis / Karolos Koun Art Theater,
“You will dream again of a new costume”, (adaptation of “Wayfarer” by Pan.
Soutsos / Thiseion, a theater for the arts, 2018
“Kalliopi, the street of freeks” / National Theater, Experimental Stage, 2019
“7 Searches” (“Peace”, Giannis Tsiros) / Piraeus Municipal Theater, 2019
“The line of the Horizon”, Christos Vakalopoulos / Kamiros, 2021″Freedom in Death” / Eptapyrgio Thessaloniki (All of Greece One Culture 2022), Kamiros Scenic Field 2022

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