Photo: Petros Chytiris

Danceteria: Talented DJs and musicians at the Old Oil Mill


Opening DJ set: Black Athena 
BNC Live (Sky Vector Music) 
Closing DJ set: Dimitris Papaioannou (Method To The Madness, Spiti Bar)
 b2b Ilias Pitsios (Echovolt, Into The Light Records)
 Saturday, June 18  | Elefsina Old Olive Mill

Opening time: 21.30 

Free Admission. Seat reservation is required via viva

On the occasion of World Music Day, 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture organizes Danceteria, featuring talented DJs and musicians who are focused on a single goal:

To move us through dancing!

On Saturday, June 18, 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture hosts Danceteria, turning the courtyard of the Old Olive Mill into a dance floor. This special party-like celebration will kick off immediately after the presentation of the action Mystery 57_ Climbing over Elefsina & Revisiting the landscapes of Elefsina, an original acrobatics, contemporary dance and music actions by Greek and French artists. For more info on the action, click here:

The courtyard at the Old Olive Mill welcomes talented DJs Black Athena, Dimitri Papaioannou (Synch Festival, Movement radio) and Ilias Pitsios (aka Dynamons – Echovolt Records & Into The Light Records), as well as musician and MC, Jeff Gonzales aka BNC (Sky Vektor Music). Their sound could be considered as a musical-rhythmic safari that alternates between contemporary urban sounds and more idiosyncratic paths of disco, house and the general dance culture of the last 30 years.

The evening opens with Black Athena, the flag bearers of black intergalactic sound through time.

Next up is music producer and MC, Jeff Gonzales aka BNC (Bruises N Cuts). Jeff has been active in the scene for more than 15 years and has collaborated with artists such as Blend Mishkin, Palov, Sugahspank Happy Dog Project, Cast– a–Blast Sound System, Champagne & Reefer, Capitan Futuro, K73 (DE), RSN, Imam Baildi, Supersan, Max Rubadub (SW) and Cayetano, among others.

His sound is a very characteristic musical blend of hip hop, jazz, funk and electronica, while he has also released three personal albums. This year, he launched his collaboration with Sky Vector Music, releasing his EP “Brown Sugar” in May, and this fall he is releasing his fourth album, entitled “The Bonnie & Clyde Syndrome,” co-produced by Poland’s Mind The Wax and SVM.   

To close the evening, Dimitri Papaioannou, co-founder of the legendary Synch Festival, radio producer and DJ, among other things, will share the console with Ilias Pitsios (aka Dynamons – founding member of the Greek labels Echovolt Records και Into The Light Records, with an emphasis on unexplored Greek electronic music). Their sets are based on classic and experimental dance music ranging all the way to Afro sounds. 

To the uniqueness of Elefsina, in Groove we trust.