The (Η’) workshop at Synikismos


The (Η’) workshop at Synikismos Artist-in-residence programme in collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Arts Eleusis 2021 presents the exhibition “The (Η’) workshop at the Synikismos” as part of the first artist-in-residence programme in collaboration with Athens School of Fine Arts and professors Zafos Xagoraris, Giannis Kontaratos, Heike Schuppelius, and Kostas Christopoulos. The exhibition presents works of second and third-year students.

The students of the H’ workshop, since October 2017, explore the concept of the map, in relation to space, time, national ideologies, sociopolitical intentions, religious beliefs, etc. They have been visiting Eleusis since February 2018, and have been inspired by the complexity of the urban, social and political strata, creating their own, personal maps. Their research is completed with an intensive field survey, taking place between October 18 and November 7 at the Synikismos Neighbourhood. Following the same logic, Eleusis 2021 proposes a theoretical exercise to young artists, who are still part of the educational process, by providing them with the necessary conditions to develop their ideas.

The following students from the workshop are participating in the exhibition: Tasos Anastasiadis, Dimitrios Chitas, Olga Vlassi, Christos Kalogiros, Athanasios Kardoulas, Haris Kladis, Vivian Koukouli, Katerina Messini, Elena Barba, Ioanna Filipopoulou, Antigoni Santorinaiou, Olga Souvermezoglou, Nota Shina, Alma Vysniavskaite,

Parallel events:

Thursday, 15.11.2018 18:00-19:00 Sound event by Elena Barba at the former cinema Eleusis, El.Venizelou & Sotiriou, Eleusis

19:00-20:00 “Ovoloi”, participatory activity with interactive sculptures by Pascal Zobrist at Dardanellion 63, Eleusis

20:00-21:00 Personal Telestirion video projection by Katerina Messini,  Dardanellion & Meandrou str., Eleusis

Practical Information

  • Opening: Wednesday, November 7, 19:00-22:00
  • Exhibition duration: November 7 to December 16, 2018
  • Opening hours: Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday-Sunday, 12:00-20:00 (except for the opening day)
  • Address: 59 & 63 Dardanellion Str and Dardanellion & Meandrou, Eleusis

Admission: Free

Photo credit : Alekos & Christos Bourelias

Alma Vysniavskaite
Ioanna Filippopoulou
Ioanna Filippopoulou
Nota Schina
Pascal Zobrist
Christos Kalogiros
Athanasios Kardoulas
Athanasios Kardoulas
Athanasios Kardoulas
Anastasios Kardoulas
Antigone Santorinaiou
Vivian Koukouli
General View
General View
Elena Barba
Olga Vlassi
Olga Souvermezoglou
Olga Souvermezoglou
Tasos Anastasiadis
Dimitrios Chitas