Mystery 5 | WORDS on the WALL: The City as a Reading


A “lightning” of poetry shone bright last Thursday in Elefsina. It landed on the walls of the city, enriching them for a few days, and then it disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared in the first place. A poetry star, a meditation with light, a text touched the walls of Elefsina for a brief while. Like life itself, it was over in an instant. Whoever saw it, saw it.

2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture organizes the “Ordinary Mysteries,” a series of artistic actions taking place in the city’s public space, inviting the residents and visitors of Elefsina to be introduced to unique and unforgettable artistic events in the public sphere. Each action reinforces the character of the city as a stage, while simultaneously constituting an independent work with a temporal frequency.

“Words on the Wall” is part of the “Ordinary Mysteries,” and is a series of medium and small-scale short texts, poems and phrases; an open urban interpretation, activating various parts of the city of Elefsina. Most of the “Words on the Wall” that appeared last Thursday 23rd December on the walls of the city refer to Elefsina and date from the 4th century BC until today.