Sultana (Nana) Spyropoulou is appointed new CEO of 2023 Eleusis


The Board of Directors of the Company unanimously decided to appoint Sultana Spyropoulou to the position of CEO of Eleusis 2023.

The choice of Mrs. Spyropoulou was based on her important and multifarious professional work in the field of infrastructure and on the strength of her personality. Ms. Spyropoulou is a Civil Engineer (NTUA) and she has served -among others- as President and CEO of HELLENIC SA, Deputy Mayor of Technical Services & Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Athens, Technical Advisor of the National Bank of Greece, while she has done significant work athe the Olympic Village and the Workers’ Housing Organization.

In a short statement, the new CEO, Ms. Nana Spyropoulou stated:

“I would like to thank the Mayor, the Municipal Council of Elefsina and the Board of Directors of the Company for the trust they have shown me. I will try with all my strength to achieve this great project for Elefsina, for Greece.

Time is running out and it is the biggest opponent of us all.

Elefsina has all the potential to succeed for the benefit of its citizens, its visitors and its history.

Our great concern will be, apart from the year of the title, that the cultural heritage of Elefsina will be spread across the city and become a step of development and improvement of the quality of life for all its citizens.

I need the help and contribution of all of you.

Thank you.”

The Board of Directors of Eleusis 2023 accepted the resignation of the former CEO, Ms. Maria Panagidou, and thanked her warmly for the services she provided for almost two years, with absolute professionalism and conscientiousness. Maria Panagidou, known for her long career in the field of culture, a woman with high morals and love for her collaborators, contributed significantly to the development of the European Capital of Culture.