Open Call_Participatory Ephemeral Monument


With a participatory work, inspired by the iconic “Kronos” building and the city residents as main contributors, Eleusis celebrates the 3rd anniversary of its proclamation as European Capital of Culture 2021.

For five days (5-9.11.2019) o Olivier Grossetête and his associates work with schools, associations and groups of residents through workshop-seminars where they pre-make the pieces of Kronos.
Register to the workshops here!
On Sunday, November 10 we rebuild “Kronos”, with the participation of all preparation teams as well as anyone who wishes to be part of this celebration. The builders-residents share roles. Some put pieces together with tape, some carry them, some build until we install “Kronos” in the center of the city.
On the next day, Monday, November 11, the work of uninstalling the installation is undertaken by the city’s children as well as anyone who wishes to participate in an unforgettable team play.

Sunday November 10 _11:00-19:00

Monday November 11 _11:00-19:00
See you at Heroes Square!