©Camille Kirnidis

Mystery 57 | Climbing over Elefsina & Revisiting the landscapes of Elefsina


The art of the circus, contemporary dance and music are united in a Greek-French collaboration, presenting an interdisciplinary art project in progress, inspired by the inhabitants and the urban landscape of Elefsina and Bagneux, France.

The program Climbing over Elefsina is under the artistic direction of Gaëtan Levêque and Christina Sougioultzi. This collective work with the participation of Greek and French artists, takes place in public spaces of Elefsina in October, with open rehearsals and the contribution of amateur and young local artists of all ages. At the same time, the itinerant urban planning workshop “ Revisiting the landscapes of Elefsina” with the great French architect and town planner, Patrick Bouchain and his artistic and scientific team aims to develop new links between town planning, architecture and visual arts, by placing the artists and the inhabitants of Elefsina at the center of processes of development and regeneration of suburban areas.

The first presentation of the project in progress in Greece, as well as the results of the workshop will take place on Friday, October 22, 2021 at Elaiourgiki, Elefsina (1, Iera Odos str & 130 Afon Mouriki str). Admission free with reservation of tickets.

Produced by 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture

In coproduction with PPCM Productions

With the support of Embassy of France in Greence and French Institute.