2023 ELEVSIS | New visual identity


Elefsina– Transition – Route 

The word Elefsis derives from the verb ελεύθω = to come/to arrive.
Through its myth, Elefsis means the arrival of a significant event, which indicates the beginning of spring. 
It is the place of arrival, the coming, presence and revelation. All these concepts are reflected in ‘Iera Odos’ (‘Sacred Way’), the route that started from Athens and ended at the Demeter temple in Elefsina, which in the ancient times was taken by a procession celebrating the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Elefsina unique personality derives from the blend of its contradictions.
It follows a path from the ancient times through the archaeological site and it passes to the modern industrialized era till nowadays and the city’s impulsion to advance, the diffusion and blend of cultures, ideas and people.

This route signals the transition, the arrival, the emergence, the realization, the birth, the awakening, the coming and it becomes the inspiration and the symbol of “2023 Elevsis” identity.

Concept by MNP

Red is the color or the factory funnel flames, the working class movement, life through the arrival or Persephone and the power of the people.

Concept by MNP |